Dave Miller’s “Prayers in the Wind” released today!

May 13, 2022

You’re all invited on a grand tour through the warm and wonderful world of Dave Miller with “Prayers in the Wind!” You can order your copy (right here) from Howlin’ Dog, and you can download MP3s from us too. And of course, the album is available on all the streaming and download sites out there, so listen away. And spread the word - tell your friends!

Dave is a great songwriter and storyteller, and this newest album takes listeners on a journey to meet some salty characters and unsung heroes from his past. We’re happy to help make sure these stories get told, and are excited to be getting this music out to the world.

As Bryan Hayes, the Executive Director of the Roots and American Music Society says, "Dave Miller is a songwriter’s songwriter. He's prolific. He's passionate about the craft. But most important...he's a great storyteller! Like Guy Clark, he has that unique ability to connect with the listener in just a few lines. You can hear and feel the emotion in his voice. He'll make you laugh. He'll make you cry. He'll make you listen. His music makes our world sound a little better...thanks Dave!"

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