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Prayers in the Wind is the new Howlin’ Dog Records release from Memphis singer-songwriter Dave Miller. Dave is one of a handful of artists working today that can channel authentic accounts of the rigors of rural life, while painting musical pictures full of colorful historical and regional overtones. Along the way he
manages to find wry humor in, and acceptance for, the missteps we all take. Miller helps us remember that love is an art form at which we can all excel, and that every single human life is a unique adventure.

Dave writes with a veteran troubadour’s clever perspective. Prayers in the Wind takes listeners on a journey to meet salty characters from Dave’s past and makes sure that unsung heroes fighting the battles of everyday life are unsung no more. His songs find awe in sweeping vistas of natural splendor and soften with poignant humor in the battle of trying to age gracefully. They glimpse the bittersweet parting of lifelong lovers and give us much needed inspiration in stirring anthems of gratitude and hope. This album has a depth and clarity that leaves listeners moved and wanting to hear more, with a wit and simplicity that shines like a new dime.

The journey kicks off with “Salt and Pepper”, a witty but honest look at senior citizenship, followed by the George Jones-like lovelorn “These Walls”. Then comes “Washboard Mama,” tearing it up and featuring Dave's old friend “Washboard Leo” Thomas on his namesake instrument. Next, “The Quilter” is a haunting and grateful tribute to Dave's quilting wife Natalie and features Eliza Gilkyson on harmony vocals. The true story of the farmer/moonshiner in “Jenkins’ Plan” is next on Dave's journey, which leads to the beautiful and hope filled “Least of These.” “Faster Than Pete” is a swinging comedy of a narrowly missed love disaster, followed by the wistful “Prayers in the Wind,” for those we’ve lost along the way. Up next is the rocking road song “Gypsy Wheels,” and then the John Prine-ish alternate history of “Isabella.” Finally, we join Dave in celebrating his beloved home state with “Heaven or Arkansas” and close out with the soaring and uplifting “Sing.”

It's a grand tour through the warm and wonderful world of Dave Miller, and we hope you can join in! Songs -

1. Salt and Pepper 2. These Walls 3. Washboard Mama 4. The Quilter 5. Jenkins’ Plan 6. Least of These 7. Faster Than Pete 8. Prayers in the Wind 9. Gypsy Wheels 10. Isabella 11. Heaven or Arkansas 12. Sing

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