Pint & A Half - Not To Forget

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Not to Forget is the new release from Howlin’ Dog Records of the unique and delightful Colorado duo Pint & A Half. Duke and Tami’s songwriting, production and performing voice continues to deepen, broaden, and enchant on this third album, the second from Howlin’ Dog.

“One of the highest compliments I can give any artist is that they are a reflection of their home, of where they come from, that they are a voice for the ground they stand on. This is Pint & A Half, and this is Not to Forget,” says producer Don Richmond. “They also exhibit both a unity and a chemistry that is rare and undeniable, that obviously and effortlessly delights audiences and listeners,” he continues.

From the opening pedal steel of No Water, their examination of what is essential in life, through Tami’s tender yet tough waltz of Come Home, to the final notes of the anthemic closer Friend, Not to Forget resonates with authenticity and a sense of what’s real. Along the way, the journey takes us through the catchy title cut, which totally embodies its name, Tami’s slightly spooky cover of Kasey Chamber’s Pony, Duke’s raw Broken, the rollicking road song of Spinnin’ My Wheels, and the period screenplay of Low Pass, telling the story of the hard life of 19th century Colorado miners. Which leads us to Truth, an incisive observation of current political discourse, followed by Duke and Tami’s prescription for surviving the craziness, taking refuge in Mountains, Rivers, Music - something real, something true, like the love of a true Friend.

Which pretty much sums up Pint & A Half and Not to Forget - a totally refreshing return to what’s essential and what’s real. We hope you enjoy this true roots Mountain-Americana/Alt. Country offering from Howlin’ Dog.

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