Original Americana/folk/country/roots in the southwestern tradition for both emerging and veteran artists


The Record Company

Howlin' Dog Records is a small label based in Alamosa, Colorado, dedicated to finding new ways to help artists get their music out into the world in today's ever-changing music business. Our goal is to build relationships and community among artists, audiences, and supporters in ways that nurture the careers and growth of both the artist and our company.

We are focused on the region "from Alamosa to Austin", basically southern Colorado, New Mexico and down through Texas, and in a musical sense on acoustic through Americana to roots rock and blues. Focused but not limited - always up for an adventure!


The Wizard: Don Richmond

Don Richmond is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumental performer who has been playing professionally for more than forty years, mostly in the Colorado and New Mexico region. Don is currently performing solo and in ensembles, playing both his wide range of original songs and a large repertoire of other quality material in a variety of styles, primarily in the country, bluegrass and folk areas.

As owner of Howlin' Dog Studios, Don brings his unique expertise to every project because he approaches recording from a musician's perspective.

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The Studio

The Howlin' Dog Studio was built inside an old barn/workshop on the old farmstead where Don and Teri moved in the summer of 2008. It's a building inside a building, with new walls, ceiling structure, isolated flooring, and all new wiring. It sounds great, feels great, and has pretty much everything we will need to make a great record. Plus it is in an amazingly beautiful and quiet place, with no neighbors to bother or be bothered by, incredible views all around, and still just a few minutes from the comforts of town when we want to go have lunch. We all think it's pretty sweet!

Check out the equipment list for the details, but with our great mics, sweet analog board, top notch outboard pres and processors, we feel very solid with the capabilities here. There's also a kitchen and a shower and a futon when needed.

Don also offers his services on the various array of instruments that he plays, including acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, dobro, pedal steel guitar, lap steel, harmonica, accordion, trumpet, and who knows what else, as part of the deal with working with him at Howlin' Dog. We also have a ready roster of studio musicians who can join in on the project, both locally and remotely via file sharing. Whatever we need to do, we can probably make it happen!

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The Record Store

Howlin' Dog Records - your source for some of the best music you'll ever hear from the magical high southwest - from the artistic and creative centers of Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico and the high peaks of the Sangre de Cristo and San Juan mountain country of southern Colorado, all the way on down into the hill country and the south of Texas.

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