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"Mountain Rain" is the new Howlin’ Dog Records release from a brand-new rising star in the country/Americana music world by the name of Jordyn Pepper. Jordyn is a delightful new talent -rooted in the soil of her high desert southern Colorado farm/ranch upbringing, yet bringing with her an airy clarity of that high-altitude sun she grew up under - and mixing all of it with most of a decade of hard work and seasoning in the crucible of Nashville. As you can read in her bio, she was born to sing, and sing she does! Jordyn was the winner of the 2016 Josie Award for solo vocalist in the Folk/Americana/Bluegrass category. We here at Howlin’ Dog hear shades of Loretta Lynn, Natalie Maines, Stevie Nicks and others in the lineage of great female singers, but most of all we hear Jordyn Pepper, weaving all of these threads into a seamless expression of a young woman venturing out into the world.

Mountain Rain features 8 songs, all either written or co-written by Jordyn, and even a quick listen will give you a sense of the depth and range of her writing and musical expression. From the light and sassy, yet easygoing groove of You Could Be the One, to the hard-driving Back to My Roots, to the wistful Barefoot and Broke, Jordyn takes you on a delightful journey, and you’ll be singing along by the end of the song. In This Mountain Rain is a gorgeous dreamy walk through a misty forest of longing, followed by the gritty contrast of Moonshine Money, of people doing what they gotta do. Lover’s Leap perfectly captures the delirious craziness of early love and the willingness to throw it all away. The album finishes off with the back street lament of Black Crow’s Wings and the amazing journey, almost a past-life regression, of 1862, taking you back to the Civil War.

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