Adler & Hearne - The Ties That Bind Us

These songs are lovingly crafted and beautifully played, and full of the warmth and heart that anyone who meets Lynn and Lindy immediately feels. The journey starts with "The Ties That Bind Us" a mid-tempo ballad of memories and connection to home followed by "Sweet Texas Songs" a soaring homage to nature and mystery of stories and music that spring from water, wind and legends of the duo’s East Texas piney woods home. Then we move into "Let’s Do It" a breezy love song about taking a chance on love. We get a classic folk song vibe with "Come Harvest Time" (featuring Bill Hearne) then a tender bluegrass ballad laced with treasured hymn lines and titles with "Standin' Next To Mama." Then travel west with "River of Wind" where the song’ roves and rambles, and "Snakeskin" a slithering, spaghetti Western of a song. "Just When I Got To Know You" honors the memory of a dear friend who has moved on, and "Heart Of The Country" tells of folk legends. Commenting on the world "I've Been Here Before" is a dreamy floating ode to throwing caution to the wind, jumping into your boat and pushing off from the shore. "It’s Summer And We’re Burning" is a wildfire cautionary tale about our planet (environmentally speaking; politically too). The "Long Slow Drive features Eliza Gilkyson on vocals in a bare bones song about giving yourself some grace while grieving takes its time. We close with the meditative "Wayfaring Stranger" and the reassuring lift of "O Angels Are Coming."
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1. The Ties That Bind Us 3:05 2. Sweet Texas Songs 4:12 3. Let's Do It 2:28 4. Come Harvest Time 3:41 5. Standin' Next To Mama 3:43 6. River Of Wind 3:21 7. Snakeskin 4:02 8 Just When I Got to Know You 2:48 9. Heart of the Country 3:44 10. I've Been Here Before 3:52 11. It's Summer And We're 12. Burning 3:52 13. Long Slow Drive 3:38 14. Wayfaring Stranger 2:52 15. O Angels Are Coming 3:28

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