Don Richmond

Society Hall

400 Ross Ave, Alamosa CO
August 11, 2021
8:00 PM

This should be quite a shindig happening this Wednesday - a bunch of my musical friends are helping me debut my new double CD solo album, titled “All That I Hold Dear”. I wrote quite a few tunes in the shutdown of the pandemic, and felt like I needed to do something with them. There were a few too many for one CD, so I added in a few things that had been collecting “in the can” as they say, and a few other songs I wanted to send around again, and a few old tunes that had never found a home, and lo and behold, it was a double CD. Definitely more Don Richmond music than anyone should be subjected to in one lump, but I’m hoping you all find some good things in the collection.

Joining me for the Society Hall show will be co-producer Michael Hearne, Rifters bassist Jim Bradley, drummer Paul Pearcy, pianist Matt Schildt, vocalist Robin James, percussionist Creed de Avanzar, and my former band Tumbleweed members Robear Bosdorf, Roger Dawson, Scott Russell and George Egbert. The concert will feature both new songs from the CD, and also older material from both the Rifters and Tumbleweed repertoires.

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